Tour Dates



JANUARY 12-14 DC Tattoo Convention, Washington, DC

JANUARY 17-18 Guest work in Buffalo, NY

JANUARY 19-21 Cleveland Tattoo Convention, OH

JANUARY 23-26 Guest work in San Francisco, CA

JANUARY 28-30 Guest work in San Jose, CA

FEBRUARY 9-11 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention, Philadelphia, PA

FEBRUARY 21-23 Guest work in Oahu, HI 

FEBRUARY 25-27 Guest work in Kauai, HI

MARCH 2-4 Hampton Tattoo Expo, Hampton, VA

MARCH 16-18 Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention,  Salt Lake City, UT

MARCH 20-28 Chicago Tattoo Convention and guest work, Chicago, IL

APRIL 13-15 Louisville Tattoo Convention, Louisville, KY

APRIL 17-22 Guest work in Seattle, WA

MAY 4-6 Guest work in San Diego, CA

MAY 8-10 Guest work in Long Beach, CA

MAY 11-15 Guest work in San Jose, CA

MAY 18-20 Bay Area Tattoo Convention, Burlingame, CA

May 22-24 Guest Work in San Francisco, CA



JANUARY 13-15th DC Tattoo Expo, Washington, DC. 
JANUARY 25-28th Guest Work in San Francisco, CA. 
FEBRUARY 1-3rd Tattooing in Hawaii. 
FEBRUARY 10-12th Philadelphia Tattoo Convention, Philadelphia, PA. 
FEBRUARY 24-26th Cleveland Tattoo Convention, Cleveland, OH.
MARCH 10-12th Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention, Salt Lake City, UT. 
MARCH 15-22nd Guest Work in Chicago, IL. 
ARCH 17-19th Chicago Tattoo Convention, Chicago, IL.
MARCH 24-26th Massachusetts Tattoo Convention, Worcester, MA. 
APRIL 7-9th Baltimore Tattoo Convention, Baltimore, MD. 
APRIL 13-15th Guest Work in San Francisco, CA. 
APRIL 28-30th Hell City Tattoo Convention, Phoenix, AZ.
JULY 6-10th Guest Work in Chicago, IL.
JULY 14-16th NY Tattoo Expo, New York, NY.
JULY 21-23rd Love Free and Die, Manchester, NH.
AUGUST 4-6th Hawaii Tattoo Expo, Honolulu, HI.
AUGUST 10-16th Guest Work in Kauai, HI.
AUGUST 18-22nd Guest Work at Seventh Son, San Francisco, CA.
AUGUST 24-28th Tattooing in Seattle, WA.
AUGUST 31st- SEPTEMBER 3rd Guest Work in San Jose, CA.